Communities that can provide the means for an individual to thrive are those that have access to basic needs like food and shelter. 

These necessary requirements should be made available to all community members, from new and life-long residents to immigrant and refugee populations alike.

Our Strategies

  • Support high-capacity food distribution hubs that address food insecurity.
  • Support emergency shelters and related services for people in crisis.
  • Support the basic life needs of Akron’s immigrant and refugee population to enable successful life in Akron.


Immigration Network-Akron (IN-Akron) is a community-wide connection of program and service providers in the Akron-area focused on the shared goal of seeing every immigrant and refugee thrive in life, and helping our communities thrive from the contributions of immigrants.

In 2019, Heart to Heart Leadership brought together a group of diverse service providers with the goal of better serving immigrants and refugees. Cross-sector services provided include: food, clothing, housing, transportation, census participation, employment, healthcare, school enrollment, and pathways to citizenship.

IN-Akron consists of over 40 representatives from over 25 organizations. Today, the group has developed a formal membership charter, meets routinely, and shares resources through a private listserv. 

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Photo by Dale Dong
Photo by: Dale Dong