Applications for the next round of Capital Grants will open in the Fall of 2024 for a decision in early 2025.

Capital Criteria

Capital projects are defined as new buildings or renovations or expansions to existing facilities/buildings.

The capital project must:

  • Be located within Summit County.
  • Advance GAR’s strategies in the areas of: education; economic, workforce, and community development; arts and culture; and basic needs.
  • Be critical to the organization’s mission.
  • Be proven to create quantifiable efficiencies.

Fund criteria:

  • The requested amount must be $50,000 or less.
  • Funds must be deployed within 18 months of the grant award.
  • Fundraising must be near completion, with most dollars already raised.
  • Must have exhausted most other potential funding sources.
  • Must have 100% participation in funding contribution to the capital project by its board members (and/or to the overall organization if the capital project is not part of a discrete capital campaign).

GAR does not fund:

  • Vehicles
  • Technology
  • Organizations working on subjects outside of GAR’s strategic priorities

Organizations may apply for a capital grant even if they have already received, or plan to apply for, operating or program funding.