Since 2004, the Educator Initiative Grant (EIG) program has annually supported teacher-initiated, classroom-based projects in Summit County.

Applications for 2025-2026 EIGs will be accepted beginning in early December 2024. Download the Applicant's Guide below to learn more information to prepare for the online application process. Questions? Contact EIG Program Manager Lucille Esposito by email at [email protected] or by phone at (330) 550-6661.

View the Applicant's Guide

How To Apply

Are you a first time EIG applicant? New to grant writing? We know that teachers are busy and are often juggling several responsibilities, so we've made this process as clear and concise as possible. Check out our simple step-by-step guide below to confidently navigate this process. You've got this!


Identify a Team Leader

Identify the educator who will serve as the primary contact for your team and school. Team leaders are not permitted to lead more than one project.


Read the Rubric

The rubric is used to evaluate your proposal. Be sure your project follows these guidelines.

Download Rubric (PDF)


Download the Application Template

Preview the application questions so you can prepare for the questions in advance. Share them with your team!

Download Template (PDF)


Obtain the Necessary Signatures

Obtain both your Principal’s and Superintendent’s signatures on the endorsement form and attach it to your application when prompted.

Download Endorsement Form (PDF)


Complete the Project Budget

Download the EIG Budget spreadsheet template provided to itemize and tally the total expenses for your project, and submit this form with your completed application. This is the only budget template that will be accepted with your application.

Download Spreadsheet


Apply Online

The application period for the 2024-2025 EIG has officially closed. To better understand the application process for the next round of EIGs, download the EIG Applicant Guide below.

Applicant's Guide


Teams of K-12 Summit County educators in public, private, parochial, or not-for-profit charter schools are eligible to apply.

Projects must:
  • Help students meet or exceed Ohio’s Learning Standards.
  • Incorporate evidence-based teacher professional development.
  • Help teachers and students achieve and/or promote the district or school’s vision.
  • Demonstrate support for keeping learners on track for college and career readiness, as demonstrated by the cradle-to-career journey.
EIG does not fund:
  • Teacher stipends
  • Furniture or capital improvements
  • Incentives or rewards for students (pencils, pens, stickers, etc)
  • Standard school supplies
  • Any materials or supplies not connected to the curricular purpose of EIG (See rubric)

How Much Should I Request?

  • Grants to improve achievement in one classroom: Up to $5,000
  • Grants to improve achievement in two or more classrooms, grade levels, or departments: Up to $10,000

Grant Preparation Workshops

Workshops are conducted for interested educators to describe the application process, explain the decision criteria, and answer questions. Interested in attending a workshop? Contact EIG Program Manager Lucille Esposito at [email protected].

Sample EIG Projects

These projects highlight some of the phenomenal work that educators are doing throughout Summit County. Below, you can find a brief description of their project as well as a link to their EIG application. Our hope is for these applications to be helpful templates to first time applicants.

Mason Monarch Minds (MMM)
Mending Monarch Minds

Mason CLC

Mason Monarch Minds (MMM) allows the Mason Monarch Outdoor Classroom to continue its growth, allowing student and community needs to be met. MMM embraces Mason CLC's diverse student body, rich in language and culture with goals of healing and growth.

View Application

CFHS Farmstand

Cuyahoga Falls City Schools

The CFHS Farmstand provides the Community Agriculture CTE program with supplies needed to be financially independent through the sale of produce and other items. Through this experience, students explore the commercial aspects of urban agriculture.

View Application

Mindfulness Through Iconography

Archbishop Hoban High School

Inconography is a semester-long elective offered to students interested in continuing to develop mindfulness techniques. Students will work at their own pace, discover how to live with imperfection, and find success by trusting the process.

View Application

Learn More

For questions about the EIG program, contact EIG Program Manager Lucille Esposito by email at [email protected] or by phone at (330) 550-6661.

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