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Educator Initiative Grant Program Awards $350,000 to 46 Summit Co. Classrooms

EIG Graphic

GAR Foundation is proud to announce the recent distribution of $350,000 in funding to 46 teams of educators through its annual Educator Initiative Grant (EIG) program. The major themes throughout this year’s approved grants include student achievement, the mental well-being of students and educators, outdoor education, finding joy and peace in reading, and utilizing virtual reality as a vehicle for the satisfaction of learning and creating.

"We are thrilled to see the incredible dedication and innovative spirit of our local educators reflected in this year’s EIG recipients," said Christine Amer Mayer, President of GAR Foundation. "This year’s grants are a testament to the creative ways our educators are transforming classrooms and enriching lives. We are proud to support these thoughtful initiatives and look forward to witnessing the positive outcomes they will bring."

The EIG program offers grants to K-12 educators in Summit County’s public and private schools who present classroom innovations that support high-quality teaching and engaged learning. Educators can request up to $5,000 to improve achievement in a single classroom or up to $10,000 for achievement in two or more classrooms, grade levels, or departments.

“It was such a pleasure working with all of the teams of educators this year,” said Lucille Esposito, GAR’s EIG Program Manager. “Through their research and drive to bring mental well-being, innovation, and engaged learning to their classroom, these educators have been such an inspiration and will do great things with their grant award.”

Since the inception of the Educator Initiative Grant program in 2004, 739 grants have been distributed, totaling over a $6 million investment in Summit County educators and their students. A reception will be held in June to honor and celebrate the educators and/or teams who were awarded the grants.

2024-2025 EIG Award Recipients

(School, Project Title, Amount Awarded)

Akron Public Schools 

  • Akron STEM HS, Lighting up the Night: A Collaborative PBL with Akron Public Schools and Akron Zoo, $3,000 
  • Buchtel CLC, Love for Literacy 2, $8,190 
  • Crouse CLC, Literacy Through Vending, $10,000 
  • Findley CLC, Findley Falcons: Flying Into the Future via Virtual Reality!, $4,930
  • Firestone CLC, Addressing Community Needs: A Collaborative PBL with Akron Public Schools and Kent State University, $9,950 
  • Firestone CLC, Future Climbers Program: Linking Generations Through Meaningful Mentorship, $7,750
  • Glover CLC, Hexagonal Thinking: Building Thinkers, Writers, Wordsmiths, and Social Emotional Learners, $5,000
  • Hatton CLC, It’s Green Where You Water It, $10,000
  • Helen Arnold CLC, Breakfast Club II: Aligning Scholars to Buchtel CLC Programming, $5,400
  • Innes CLC, Calm, Create, Collaborate Phase Two, $10,000
  • Innes CLC, Lights, Camera, Action, $9,200
  • Innes CLC, Creating Therapeutic Learning Spaces for ED Students, $5,000
  • Innes CLC, Trauma Informed and Inclusive Learning Spaces Renewed, $5,000 
  • Jennings CLC, From Digital to Real Life: Exploring Art Careers Through a Community Art Showcase, $10,000 
  • Litchfield CLC, Connections Café Year 2, $8,800 
  • Litchfield CLC, Improving Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Health for All Students Through Physical Education, $6,900
  • Litchfield CLC, Building Pride and Guitars 2, $5,000
  • North High School, Advancement in Equity through Esports, $10,000  
  • North High School, AVID Explorers: Connecting to Culture and Community, $10,000
  • Office of Special Education, Community Based Recreation Programming, $4,930
  • Resnik CLC, The Route to Regulation Through the Resnik Reset, $8,160
  • Summit County Juvenile Detention Center, Harmony of Histories: Rediscovering the Past through Music and Words in Juvenile Detention #2, $10,000
  • Windmere CLC, Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum, $10,000

Archbishop Hoban High School

  • Who Am I? A Knight's Journey Through Ohio's Underground Odyssey, $6,110

Barberton City School District

  • Barberton High School, eSports - A Magic Carpet Ride to Graduation - Extended, $8,100 
  • Barberton High School, Students Earn Their Wings Revisited - Friday Night Drones for the Win, $4,990
  • Barberton Intermediate School, Bringing the History of Barberton to Life, $9,550

Cuyahoga Falls City Schools

  • Cuyahoga Falls High School, Patchwork Pathways: A Creative Journey to the New Campus, Part 2 of Home is where the heART Is, $10,000
  • Elizabeth Price Elementary School, EDventures in Therapy, $4,970
  • Richardson Elementary School, Project Spot, $10,000

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

  • CVCA Racing Club, $9,960
  • Indoor Golf Practice Facility, $9,500
  • Harmonizing Education: Fostering Musical Literacy through University Partnerships, $3,000

Nordonia Hills City Schools

  • Nordonia High School, Growing Inclusion, $9,050

Norton City Schools

  • Norton Middle School, Hungry for More, $5,240
  • Norton Middle School, Panther PALs (Peers as Leaders) - Year Two, $5,070

Old Trail School

  • Foundations in Field Work, $4,900

Our Lady of the Elms

  • Elms Eats, $9,990 
  • Living Pillars 2, $9,900

Revere Local Schools

  • Bath Elementary School, Bath Sensory Room, $4,120
  • Revere Middle School, Gardening for Life: Part 2, $3,500

SCOPE Academy

  • Rooting Our Stories in Our Community, $8,320

Springfield Local Schools 

  • Springfield High School and Junior High School, The ARTEMIS Mission: One Giant Leap for Out of this World Learning!, $10,000

Tallmadge City Schools

  • Tallmadge Elementary School, Johnny Appleseed 2.0, $8,620
  • Tallmadge Elementary School, Run! The Kindergartners are Taking Charge!, $7,900

Twinsburg City School District

  • Twinsburg High School, Brewing Abilities Café, $10,000