About GAR

What does ‘GAR’ stand for?

“GAR” is an acronym for Galen and Ruth Roush, the founders of the Foundation. The name is pronounced “je-a-är.”

Where are the GAR Foundation offices located?

Our offices are located at 277 E. Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308. Use the door entrance on Union Street.

Where can I locate the GAR logo?

Usage of the GAR logo and communications related to the Foundation must be approved by our Strategic Communications Manager. Please direct your request to Anthony Boarman at [email protected].

Grants & Grantmaking

What does GAR fund?

We focus our grantmaking on high functioning organizations whose work matches our priorities in these five specific strategy areas:

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. K-16 Education
  3. Economic, Workforce, and Community Development
  4. Arts & Culture
  5. Basic Needs

What specifically does GAR not fund?

Due to a lack of strategic alignment, we specifically do not fund:

  • Special events
  • Nonprofit organization anniversaries
  • Individuals
  • National organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Medical research

Does GAR meet with potential applicants to discuss projects or proposals?

GAR does not typically meet with potential applicants until a formal full application is submitted. The best way to determine if you should submit a full grant application is to complete our Letter of Inquiry. This process allows the GAR Foundation staff to determine if your project fits the funding priorities before you invest time and effort in a full application. Submitting a Letter of Inquiry saves you time, as you only have to offer minimum information while still presenting your concept. Get started by visiting our Grants for Nonprofits page.

How often can my organization apply for a GAR grant?

Organizations may submit no more than one (1) application per calendar year to GAR Foundation.

Who should I contact if I am having difficulties completing or submitting my online application?

Please contact our Grants Manager, Jessica Cherok, at [email protected] or by phone at (330) 576-2915.

Can I submit a paper copy of the application form, or do I have to use the electronic submission system on the GAR website?

GAR uses an online application system and requires all applications to be submitted electronically. If you having difficulties uploading your attachments to our online system, please contact our Grants Manager, Jessica Cherok, at [email protected] or by phone at (330) 576-2915.

What time on the deadline date is my application due?

Applications are due by 5 p.m. of the deadline date. Due to the large number of applications received, we cannot accept late applications.

What if the application deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday?

We do our best to ensure application deadlines fall on a weekday. However, if the application deadline date falls on a weekend, then your application is due in our offices by 5 p.m. on the Monday following the deadline date.

What are the dates of your distribution committee meetings?

Our Distribution Committee meets three times per year: usually in May, August, and November.

What happens after I submit an application online?

Our staff will review your application and likely set up a site visit to meet with you and discuss it in more detail. Applicants are notified by phone or email of the Distribution Committee’s award decisions within 24-48 hours of the meeting’s end. Written notification is also provided within one week of the meeting.

Andrew Jackson House

Does the Andrew Jackson House offer tours for groups or individuals?

The Andrew Jackson House does not offer tours.

Who should I contact if my organization is interested in holding an event or meeting at the Andrew Jackson House?

Use of the Andrew Jackson House for events is limited. Please contact Kat Wentz, Operations Coordinator at (330) 576-2916 or by email at [email protected].