Andrew Jackson House Spring Spruce-up!


Many of our nonprofit partners and community members are often guests at Andrew Jackson House, the home of GAR Foundation at 277 E. Mill Street. GAR Foundation is proud to contribute to the downtown Akron landscape and stands to maintain a high level of beauty and experience for our visitors. In 2022, Keep Akron Beautiful awarded the Andrew Jackson House a Beautification Watch Award.

In keeping with this honor, this spring, we completed much-needed maintenance at our beloved property to keep it as grand as ever since its renovation in 2009. The capital improvements include the painting of the 2nd-floor event space by CT Service Systems, Inc, and the re-pavement of the parking lot by Ohio Paving & Construction Co. Both projects came to completion at the end of April 2023 to improve the beautification of downtown Akron and our visitor experiences.

Finally, for those of you who drive by our stately old mansion on Mill Street, you might be wondering what’s up with that missing and twisted fence! Unfortunately, a young driver lost control of their car one evening in April and took out two pieces of the border fencing. Luckily, the driver was not hurt and only sustained damage to their vehicle. The driver even came in person to apologize and help us settle-up with the cost of repairs. The fence will be repaired as soon as the ordered parts are delivered.