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What is the Greater Akron Business Navigator?

mockup of site

Last month, the Elevate Greater Akron collaborative announced the launch of the Greater Akron Business Navigator, a new website aimed at connecting the region’s entrepreneurs in startup and small businesses to important support resources.

The Business Navigator is a remarkable tool that spans the business support ecosystem bringing over 200 resources into one place for any business, including dedicated resources for minority-owned businesses, and female-owned businesses, seeking assistance. As an integral part of Elevate Greater Akron’s economic development plan, the website will not only make finding resources for what small businesses in the region need easier and faster but will also draw in new businesses through its ease of use.

We talked with Paige Freel, Senior Manager of Projects and Initiatives at Greater Akron Chamber, to answer a few of your questions about this new tool. We invite you to join us in sharing this list of frequently asked questions with anyone who needs it.

How is this tool/website different than others?

Three things differentiate this tool from others in that it is, first, hyper-focused on the resources available in Greater Akron. Second, through a 7-question quiz, users receive customized results on which resources best suit your needs, and finally, it features a live chat function staffed by Elevate Greater Akron to assist with any further needs or questions.

How is Elevate Greater Akron getting the word out to all entrepreneurs and businesses about this new resource?

EGA is looking to intentionally build awareness with the region’s minority businesses and entrepreneurs through targeted ad placements, printed materials, and community influencers.

Is the website mobile friendly?

Yes. The website was built with mobile use as a priority.

How many resources are featured on this tool/website?

There are over 60 business support organizations providing around 200 different resources.

How will you maintain the tool/website long-term?

Through a bi-annual review process, partner organizations will work to help Elevate Greater Akron keep the website’s resources up to date by reviewing their featured services and sharing any changes.

Check out the Greater Akron Business Navigator now!