A New Vision for Extended Learning

Due to the work of the Akron's refreshed out-of-school time network, Youth Success Summit (YSS), we are on the cusp of a new and bold vision for connected, engaged and fun extended learning after school, on the weekends, and in the summer for our community’s youth.

Led by Summit Education Initiative and our Lead Consultant Dr. Ellen McWilliams-Woods, YSS is being imagined with the help of more than 150 out-of-school-time organization leaders throughout our community. In October of 2023, YSS officially named its Executive Director, veteran Akron Public Schools administrator Rachel Tecca.

Design Teams with participants that include OST organizations, City of Akron recreation leaders, Akron Public Schools administrators, teachers and coaches, funders, public officials, and many more have all come together to listen and learn from each other about what makes the best experiences possible for youth and families across our community.

The result is a new network that will launch in the summer of 2024 with the following strategic objectives:

  • Increase equitable youth access and participation
  • Improve program quality 
  • Expand data systems for equity-based decision making 
  • Enhance financial sustainability of programs 

We will have more information to share about the Foundation’s support of the Network and about our approach to supporting OST organizations as Youth Success Summit evolves. Stay tuned for future announcements!