Connecting Our Community

We understand that the strategic areas where we work are all deeply connected. The best community solutions often arise from connected people and organizations working together across sectors and subject areas to leverage their strengths. We know that people are at their best when they are connected to others. We believe that we can foster and support connections that will make Akron smarter, stronger, and more vibrant.

We pledge to use all of the tools in our toolbox – grantmaking, convening, listening, research, advocacy, information-sharing, and communications – to connect Akron.


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Supporting programs that ensure Akron children are kindergarten ready and Akron Public Schools students are experiencing high-quality teaching and engaged learning.


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Economic, Workforce, and Community Development

Supporting inclusive economic development, workforce programs that lead to family-sustaining jobs, and neighborhood-level community development.


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Arts & Culture

Supporting anchor arts institutions as well as emerging and innovative arts to ensure Akron remains a vibrant, unique, and creative community.


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Basic Needs

Supporting high-functioning organizations that provide the most basic human needs to Akron residents in crisis.